Hydrostatic Short (2017)
Robert C Beck and Sarah Max Beck


A brow furrowed deep, a kiss on the cheek, “see ya later tonight,” on the way out the door and the other will turn and say, “have fun.” Between the two of us, it has become a meaningful call to be present in the face of the temptations to stay caught up in the traumas of the news and get consumed by the overwhelming conceit of feeling like the epitome of all that is ineffectual. It is a practice these days as much as anything else worth getting better at. A guilty pleasure what with all the atrocities in the world?

As William James put it, “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” In that case, fun may be more necessary than ever; self-care is being, in some small part, carefree even for a few minutes. The fun is in the moments when we realize how incredibly awesome and amazing the world is, or get caught up in the joy of creativity, or find solutions by following a curiosity. The list goes on, but that’s why we made this short, and that’s what we’re talking about! So, especially with all of the hard and important work ahead of all of us, let’s stay curious and help each other remember to have fun!

Robert C. Beck and Sarah Max Beck

the Short bio
The Hydrostatic rooftop garden installations were in full blown livingness, and having FUN, from April 2015 through December 2016 on Hancock Street in Brooklyn, NY. Other footage includes an installation entitled “Electric Lifesaver Dino Blood” (2016) produced for the Temporary Storage Gallery’s slam dunk show, Landscapes, and UrbanGlass’ open studios event Weird Science Fair (2016). All of the installation material was prepared inside the Hydrostatic rooftop greenhouse with exception to Sarah’s orchids. They were having fun inside the apartment.

Produced by Robert C Beck and Sarah Max Beck
Sound recording and production by Max Newland and Justin Cassel.
Video, installation work and music by Robert C Beck and Sarah Max Beck.

The rooftop greenhouse has moved to a new location in downtown Brooklyn where our bioart research continues. Our new design and production studio is located at 103 14th Street in the Brooklyn Glass studios building. Come by sometime to see work in progress and tour the hot-shop and lamp working studios.