The Forest Garden Greenhouse; In Person

Jerome Osentowski, founder of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (CRMPI), leads a workshop. (2017) Biological Art Process The goal is not making art. It is living a life. Art is a result. -Robert Henri- Whether we are looking at Leonardo da Vinci's Mechanics of Man, Audubon’s Birds of America, or Wilson Bentley’s Snow [...]

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In Addition to Permission: Electric Lifesaver Dino Blood II

In Addition to Permission: Electric Lifesaver Dino Blood II  (2017) A collaborative bio-art installation by Sarah Max Beck and Robert C. Beck Water, plants, aquatic organisms, urine, salvaged lumber, hand-blown glass, post-consumer plastics, pvc, electronics and steel 9’ x 4’ x 8’ 555 Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts Through our work, we explore the question of [...]

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Hydrostatic Short

Hydrostatic Short (2017) Robert C Beck and Sarah Max Beck Video 1:41   A brow furrowed deep, a kiss on the cheek, "see ya later tonight," on the way out the door and the other will turn and say, "have fun." Between the two of us, it has become a [...]

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Fruit of its Kind

HS2 (2016) Robert C. Beck Gelatin silver contact print 5 x 7 inches 6:30 pm. studio Hydrostatic, Brooklyn, NY Early August dusk settles in on the roof and there’s no film to be loaded as we are kicking back instead to, quite literally, enjoy the fruits of our labor with some peach mead [...]

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Hydrostatic Shock

Dear Friends and Family, (2016) Robert C. Beck and Sarah Max Beck Video 45 seconds Hydrostatic Shock Foreword The previous post, entitled Ready-made, touched on how the Dada art movement and Marcel Duchamp's work was almost certainly commentary on the turbulent political state of the world and how strangely similar our current [...]

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Ready-made  (2016) Watercolor on paper 20 x 20 inches The first thing that springs to my mind when hearing the term “Ready-made” is the name Marcel Duchamp. He coined the term in the early twentieth century art movement, Dada, with the famed work entitled Fountain, (1917). Fountain was submitted to an exhibition organized by the Society of Independent Artists, [...]

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The Krasner

The Krasner (2015) Watercolor on paper 20 x 28 inches I love plants. The forms found within flora never cease to amaze me. Even with the most banal house plants, I want to know what's special about them. I want to discover the secret; the knowledge of the greenest green thumb which is [...]

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Hydrogen on the Left

Hydrogen on the Left (2015) Watercolor on paper 20 x 28 inches Hydrogen, atomic number: 1 The first thing we are usually introduced to in Biology 101 is nitrogen. The classic textbook illustration of the nitrogen cycle, where the sun is shining through the sky over a smoking volcano, lightning bolts streak from [...]

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Jugs with Polkadot Skirt

Jugs with Polkadot Skirt (2015) Watercolor on paper 20 x 28 inches   When my wife Sarah and I moved to New York, one of the first things we experienced was the two-and-a-half block affair for drinking water. I would walk down Columbus Ave to the Pioneer grocery store and buy two [...]

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